Dancer, Actor, Creative Director Halil Gashi was born in Kosovo and raised in Germany. He is an internationally known performer, who has worked with some of the top artists of the industry.

Halil is a pioneer in Hip Hop Theater in UK and went on to launch a successful career in television, theater and dance. His notable movies include “Worlds Away” (2012), directed by Andrew Adamson and James Cameroon. Halil followed his most celebrated screen role by appearing in more live theater shows worldwide as a dancer and physical actor.

In May 2009 Halil Gashi landed an original solo performance in Cirque de Soleil’s top show “The Beatles Love Show” in Las Vegas. For four years Halil performed the solo act “The Crazy Lover” that he choreographed, to the song “Something in the way” written by George Harrison. In 2012 Halil played the lead role of “Sergeant Pepper” in Grammy Awards, Paul McCartney’s Tribute show in Los Angeles.

In April 2014 Halil performed as the main character for the successful “The Imagineer” theatrical show which premiered in Dubai.

He proved his extraordinary talent with the original act “Story Box – Halil Gashi Solo Act”, which was a hit in USA, Australia and was featured in the 25th Anniversary of Microsoft in Greece.

Halil Gashi has appeared in Das Supertalent, America Got Talent, MTV Music Awards, BBC Morning Show, London Fashion Week, BBC Tomorrow’s World UK tour. Halil was featured in commercials for Levi, Adidas, MTV and Yaskawa, which he choreographed. He has collaborated with superstars like Kylie Minogue, RUN DMC, Black Eye Peas, and Sugarhill Gang.